About Us

The Thought  –

One fine day in the month of April 2020, when I opened my TV set to catch happenings around the world.  I found that all the so called reputed channels of India were showing same news of Corona Virus 24×7, then I switched to news paper, which was similarly painted with data and figures of infected, deaths and Covid test.

This was not the first incident and nor the last, sometimes it was corona, sometimes it was China, sometimes it was Pakistan, sometimes it was MP election or Rajasthan party politics so on and so forth.

So I thought was this the only thing happening right now, what about others were people not losing their jobs, were people not dying due to hunger and poverty, were the issues of corruption and harassment just got solved overnight.

So, where were the struggles of normal public, where were their pain, where were their cover stories.

Sorry but I couldn’t fine it anywhere.

This revolutionary thought led to the origin of Janawaznews.com

The Action –

Janawaznews.com is not just a regular news portal. It’s a platform for all Indians to raise their issue.


  • you can raise your voice against injustice…
  • you can speak about inequality…
  • you can share your struggles and success stories…
  • you can celebrate your achievements
  • you can share your ideas/ innovations/ missions by which you can help us to transform the society and make India better.

The Process –

We don’t believe in overburdening you with thousands of garbage media stories/news from all around the world, we believe in quality, content which is related to you, which matters to you and which are meant for you. Thus we do selective journalism because we value our readers  interest, their choices, their preference, their pain areas and more than everything we value YOU.

The Result –

So, break all shackles and raise your voice. Reach out to us and share your stories at  janawaznewsofficial@gmail.com

Janawaznews.com is meant for you as we are committed to make India better.

The Team –

We are all the seasoned campaigners of media world, having rich experience in different aspects of media. We have joined together to form a revolutionary team at JAN AWAZ NEWS.

Here we don’t believe in orthodox boss and employee system, we all are equal here and we believe in TEAM work because Together Everyone Achieves More

Our Team Members –

Sl.No.NameWork Profile
1Abhishek SrivastavaEditor-in-Chief
2Rutesh SharmaHead – Digital
3Aditya SinghHead – Innovations
4Manas SharmaContent Writer
5ReemaContent Writer
6Kajal SinghContent Writer
7Navin TiwariCopy writer
8Akash MohantyCopy writer
9Prince RajputJournalist
10Ram KumarJournalist